Game rules

Describe the rules of a game of your choice. Do not forget to mention:
– What type of game is it (cooperative or competitive? perfect information or imperfect information? etc.)?
– What are the winning strategies?
– What are the most important game resources and objects?

I enjoy playing MMORPG’s (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) and my favorite so far is World of Warcraft (WOW): Legion. As a result, I decided to describe player versus player feature, in WOW it is called battleground. World of Warcraft has various types of battlegrounds, I chose one which is known as „Eye of the Storm“

The game has two factions: Alliance and Horde; who are going against each other in the battlegrounds.

Eye of the Storm (EOTS) is played between 30 players (15 vs 15 game). The game style is based on resouce race; the team which reaches to 1500 (units of resources) first will win it. To acquire resources, the battleground map has 4 towers which the team has to conquer and control. To control a tower,  team must have more players in the tower’s radius than the opposing team, after taking control over the tower players can leave. The more players from your team are present, the faster you’ll gain control of the tower.  Also there is a flag in the middle of the map which players can claim and bring to a tower that is under control by your faction. This will award your team with immediate and sizeable amount of resources. The longer duration a team controls towers and gets more flags, the faster resources they get.

In order to win, a team has to control atleast 2 towers out of 4 and capture as many flags as possible. The best way to win is to control all 4 towers and capture flags, although that hardly ever happens. It is only possible if opposite team has no teamwork or all of them are new to the game and do not know how the battleground works.

Most important resource in EOTS is the time, because in order to get the resouces, a team has to control towers as long as they can. Also flag is additonal resource. Objects are towers and the flags.

Eye of the Storm is:

  • Cooperative game- in order to win, everyone has to work as a team and pay attention to what is going on.
  • Symmetric- all rules apply to everyone, but depending on your character role you can play differently
  • Non-zero sum- there are enough resources for both sides.
  • Simultaneous- there are 30 players playing at the same time
  • Games with perfect information- everything can be seen on the map like what towers are controlled and where the flag is. Also you get information about the classes of the players.
  • Infinitely long game- there are winning strategies which are well known for the players but nothing is certain until one team gets 1500 resources.

I enjoyed doing this assingment and it was fun to anlyse this for the class.




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